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Content + Care
  • - Natural soaps or mild detergents are recommended.
  • - Gently hand wash our clothes to avoid unnecessary stretching.
  • - Use cold water to wash your clothes.
  • - Dry flat where possible.
  • - Use warm (not hot) iron when necessary.
  • - Avoid using fabric softeners.

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Give the gift of Vivo any time conveniently with our Gift Vouchers.

Gift voucher will be packed and
delivered to recipient.
Redeemable at any of our Vivo Activewear stores and our online store.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions
When you make a merchandise purchase with your Vivo Activewear Gift Card, the value of your purchase plus any shipping/handling fees and VAT, if applicable, will be automatically deducted from your available balance. You may not add value back onto your Gift Voucher or redeem it for cash. Your Gift Voucher number may be deactivated if issued or procured fraudulently.
The bearer is responsible for its loss or theft. For lost or stolen Gift Vouchers, please